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• Molecular Formula : HNO3
• Appearance : Transparent Solution
• CAS No : 7697-37-2
• HS Code : 2808-00-1000


Nitric acid is widely used in semiconductor processes. It is not only used to etch silicon, to etch and expose the critical layer in the front-end processing of semiconductor, but is also useful for chemical-mechanical polishing of interconnect metallization, in compounds for etching various heavy metals, for defect etching and for solar panel cleaning.
Eunjin Chemical’s HNO3 is purified using a the latest refining facilities that provides ultra-high purify Nitric acid with the residue (Zn, Pb, Ni, Cu, Fe, Mg, Al, and Ca) at low ppb levels. Continuous efforts in developing technology will lead to higher quality with lowering metal impurity levels to ppt.


• Colorless liquid, soluble in ether / alcohol (explosive)
• Yellowish and corrosive liquid with peculiar order. It emits irritative and white smoke in contact with air. It is condensed when cooled to –40 ° C.
• It corrodes most metals except gold and platinum precipitating nitrate.
• It discolors into brown when exposed to sunlight for a long time.


• Semiconductor equipment cleaning
• Semiconductor etchant
• Silicon wafer cleaning
• Solar panel cleaning

Items Extra Pure
Appearance Transparent solution
Assay (%) 65±0.5 Wt
Chlorine (ppb) Max 50
SO4 (ppb) Max 100
Si (ppb) Max 10
PO4 (ppb) Max 50
Residue (ppb) Max 1000
Na (ppb) Max 10
Mg (ppb) Max 10
Al (ppb) Max 5
K (ppb) Max 10
Ca (ppb) Max 10
Cr (ppb) Max 5
Mn (ppb) Max 2
Fe (ppb) Max 10
Nl (ppb) Max 2
Cu (ppb) Max 1
Zn (ppb) Max 5
Pb (ppb) Max 3
Ag (ppb) Max 1
As (ppb) Max 1
Ba (ppb) Max 1
Cd (ppb) Max 1
Co (ppb) Max 1
Ga (ppb) Max 1
Ge (ppb) Max 1
Li (ppb) Max 1
Sn (ppb) Max 5
Sr (ppb) Max 1
Au (ppb) Max 1
Sb (ppb) Max 10
B (ppb) Max 1
Packing Unit CAN