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헥사메타 인산나트륨이미지
핵사메타 인산나트륨

• Molecular Formula : (NaPO3)6
• Appearance : White Powder
• CAS No : 10124-56-8
• HS No : 2835-39-1000


• It is soluble in water but insoluble in alcohol and the aqueous solution is alkali.
• It has strong absorbency and its absorbency has the property to coagulate protein in the air.


• Food Additives

Binding agent of fish and meat, anti-tarnishing agent of soy source and soybean paste, consistency, anti-tarnishing agent of starch syrup, precipitation prevention of liquor and beverage, wheat flour noodles, buckwheat noodles, dried sea food products, carbonated drink, spices and supplement agent, etc.

• Industrial Uses

Abstergent, metal ion blocking function, buffering function, dispersant, water treatment, paper making, dye manufacture, metal surface treatment, and addictive prevention, etc.

헥사메타 인산나트륨

Items Tech Food
Appearance White Powder White Powder
Phosphate as P2O5 (%) Min 67.0 Min 60.0~83.0
Arsenic as As (ppm) - Max 4.0
Heavy Metals as Pb (ppm) - Max 10.0
pH(1% sol'n) 6.0~7.0 6.0~7.0
Packing Unit 25Kg PP+PE-Bag 25Kg PP+PE-Bag