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• Molecular Formula : NaNO₃
• Appearance : White crystal
• CAS No : 7632-00-0
• HS No : 3102-50-9000
• Country of Origin : Korea


• The physical characteristic of Sodium nitrate - NaNo3 is powdery, but it is also found in the shape of rhombohedral crystals or big granular. Transparent to white is the color of Sodium nitrate - NaNo3, but it can turn into lemon yellow, gray, or reddish brown when impurities are involved. Sodium nitrate - NaNo3 has a density of 2.257 g/cm3, 1.5 to 2 on Mohs scale of hardness with specific gravity 2.266. Sodium nitrate - NaNo3 melts in 308°C, and in higher temperatures, Sodium nitrate - NaNo3 decomposes into NaNO2 and O2. At 25°C, its percentage of solubility in water is 47.6 percent, while at 100°C it is 64.3 percent.


It is used for making potassium nitrate, fertilizers, explosives, in the production of high-strength glass, some limited pharmaceuticals and to preserve meats. It can also be used as the raw material for the production of nitric acid, which is also important for fertilizers and explosives, as well as the etching of metals and for the purification and extraction of gold.


Items Tech
Appearance White Crystal
Purity (%) Min 98.0
Moisture (%) Max 2.0
Iron as Fe (%) Max 0.005
Chloridum as Cl (%) Max 0.2
Sodium Nitrate as dry basis (%) Max 0.15
Sodium Carbonate as dry basis (%) Max 0.1
Packing Unit 25Kg PP+PE-Bag