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• Molecular Formula : KOH
• CAS No : 1310-58-3
• HS Code : 2815-20-0000

(주)은진캐미컬 정제 KOH

Eunjin's KOH can be used in the fine chemical industries such a s semi-conduct and LCD industry , after applying the Eunjin's Refinement Technology process. Since the technology has been successfully implemented on our production line, we could extend our business boundary to even fine chemical industry.


Potassium hydroxide (KOH), commonly known as caustic potash, is the largest-volume potassium chemical for non-fertilizer use. A strong alkali, caustic potash is available in both liquid and dry forms. It has applications in detergents, batteries, soaps and specialty glasses and other industrial operations. It also serves as a chemical intermediate for dyes, pharmaceuticals and photographic chemicals.


Various potassium compounds, material of potassium glass, soap, dyes, medicine and medical supplies, analytic reagent, alkali battery, telephtal acid (material of polyester fiber), bleak, deicer, foods for patient, water detergent for LCD, synthetic general reactant of ABS/SBR, agricultural pesticides, concrete admixture, etc.


Items Tech Extra Pure
Appearance Transparent solution Transparent solution
Purity (%) Min 45.0 Min 48.0 Min 45.0 Min 48.0
KCl (%) Max 0.01 Max 0.001
K2CO3 (%) Max 0.5 Max 0.2
Iron as Fe (ppb) Max 15 Max 0.5
Sodium as Na (%) Max 0.4 Max 0.2
Nitrate as N (ppm) - Max 0.5
Aluminum as Al (ppm) - Max 0.5
Calcium as Ca (ppm) - Max 0.5
Nickel as Ni (ppm) - Max 0.1
Heavy metal as Pb (ppm) - Max 0.1
Packing Unit CAN