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• Molecular Formula : CO(NH2)2
• Appearance : Transparent solution
• CAS No : 57-13-6
• HS No : 3102-10-0000

Nox Zero+

This is the catalyst which consists of urea and water mainly and it is certificated by Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority. Urea Solution is used in helps to reduce the gas from a diesel vehicle which is one of the main sources of acid rain. The NOx Zero+ from Eunjin Chemical is manufactured with quality assurance control by professional advanced analysis equipment under the strict supervision.

Nox Zero 특징

• Eunjin Chemical has abundant of dealing experiences and management skill of production quality control about Urea Solution
• Provision to guaranteed quality product produced under the Automatic production Operation line system
• NOx Zero+ is met the standard specification of Urea Solution Safety Usage for SCR

SCR 시스템 구조 및 질소산화물 저감 원리

The Risks of NOx

It may cause not only bronchitis, pneumonia or respiratory disease but also brings the serious environmental problem such as photochemical smog and acid rain.

Consolidation of the regulation in NOx emissions

< Enforcement period of a permissible standard of NOx emissions >

•  New model of full-sized diesel vehicle : Enforcement from JAN 2014
(Old model of full-sized diesel vehicle : Enforcement from JAN 2015)
•  New model of small-sized diesel vehicle : Enforcement from SEP 2014
(Old model of small-sized diesel vehicle : Enforcement from SEP 2015)
※ The permissible level of NOx emissions will be strictly reinforced by 80% for full-sized vehicles from 2014


scr시스템 구조 및 질소산화물 저감 원리
Items Urea for SCR
Appearance Transparent solution
Urea (wt%) 31.8 ~ 33.2
Density (Kg/m3) 1087.0 ~ 1093.0
Specific Gravity (20°C) 1.09
Insoluble (mg/kg) Max 20.0
Alkalinity as NH3 (wt%) Max 0.2
Biuret (wt%) Max 0.3
Refractive index at 20°C 1.3814 - 1.3843
Aldehyde (ppm) Max 5.0
Phosphate as PO4 (mg/kg) Max 0.5
Ca, Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Cr, Ni, Mg, Na, K (mg/kg) Max 0.2
Packing Unit