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• Molecular Formula : K5P3O10
• Appearance : White Powder
• CAS No : 13845-36-8
• HS No : 2835-24-0000


• It has fat emulsifying capacity for meat products with dispersion function, buffering function and blockade function to metal ion and it protect coloring and discoloration through reaction with protein.
• It is soluble in water and the aqueous solution is alkali and it is effective for anti-oxide as improver.
• It has the property of water holding, moisture absorption, dispersibility, emulsifying capacity, and peptization and it is generally used with condensed phosphate rather than as a single item alone.
• When it is used with sodium polyphosphate, the effect is greater than when it is used alone.


• Food Additives

Dispersing agent for coffee whitener, vegetable cream, cocoa processing, Reserving of food quality protecting acidification and corruption, increasing food binding, taste improvement of artificial sake and protection of browning, etc.

• Industrial Uses

Synthetic detergent, abstergent, photographing, cement, synthetic rubber,

• Other field

Medicine and medical supplies



Items Food
Appearance White Powder
Purity (%) Min 97.0
P2O5 (%) 46.0~48.0
pH(1% sol'n) 9.2~10.2 (1g → 100ml)
Chloride as Cl (%) Max 0.1
Sulfate as SO4 (%) Max 0.01
Arsenic as As (ppm) Max 2.0
Lead as Pb (ppm) Max 4.0
Cadmium as Cd (ppm) Max 1.0
Mercury as Hg (ppm) Max 1.0
Fluoride as F (ppm) Max 10.0
Loss On Drying(%) Max 5.0 (110°C → 4 hr)
Packing Unit 25Kg PP+PE-Bag